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Red Dead Redemption vs GTA 4

As expected, this game shares the exact same structure as GTA: it’s an open world game with main story missions plus a *ton* of side content to explore and discover.

GTA was excellent, but pretty much everything is improved in Red Dead Redemption: the gunplay is more fun, the setting is more visually interesting (and GTA 4 is some stiff competition), riding the horses is a blast, there are more fun things to do and discover outside of the story missions, the random surprise encounters are cooler, and overall this setting is so well done and is such a refreshing change of pace from GTA’s city scapes and other more traditional video game backdrops.

The biggest improvement is multiplayer. GTA 4 multiplayer had some great moments, but too often matches just weren’t very fun and balanced to play. So far, Red Dead’s multiplayer is amazing. I’ve played several gang matches (team competitive), online co-op missions (raiding AI gang hideouts), and had some ad-hoc shoot outs in free roam. Everything has been a ton of fun. It might be too early to fairly judge, but this definitely looks like a true multiplayer great with staying power.

And of course, the charaters, dialog, and story are spectacular. Rockstar is regarded by many as having the best writing and characters in video games, and while this isn’t new since GTA, it’s as great as ever.

Redemption Really is That Good

In all seriousness, this is probably the best title to show how a video game can surpass the movie format in terms of delivering a complete fictional experience by providing such a fully developed and explorable world.