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Red Dead Redemption: Few More Points

Multiplatform Comparison: Many sites have done video footage comparison between PS3/360. I’m surprised that no one has done any audio quality comparison on a decent home speaker setup. Why not?

Multiplayer Glitches: Even after the recent patches, I can’t play RDR for more than a minute or two before getting booted by a disconnect. The online is completely unplayable. Surprisingly, RDR was working perfectly for the first day. I’m sure this will get ironed out eventually, but it’s annoying. Other PS3 multiplayer games (like MAG) work perfectly for long play sessions, so the problem is clearly not my network or the PS3.

3:10 To Yuma: I watched the 2007 remake based on Rockstar’s movie recommendations. Everything from this movie looked exactly like the game: the towns, the saloon, the sheriff, the farms, the railroad, the weapons, the costumes. Many of the big action scenes from the movies are missions in the game: the stage coach ambushes, saving the horses from the buring barn, etc. These movies were clearly a strong influence.

Game is still great: The random encounters, the side missions, the in-game unlockables, and the characters; everything about this game is excellent and holding up very well.