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The Weekly Recap (May 23rd-29th)

Bad week for me the past week. Lots of sleep due to being doped up on meds :P. I never did get to the weeklies last week due to illness. I did manage to get 100% on Red Dead Redemption, though :P. Hopefully I’m at the tail end of this sickness right now, though.

Anyway, what about this week’s highlights? We’ve had a total of 19 main articles this week. The 2101 PS3s are hitting store shelves. There is also talk that the premium PSN service will be called PSN+. Kung Fu Live! has finally made an appearance, and looks pretty fun. Thrustmaster finally came out with a cockpit, and will hopefully inspire others to make them as well (I’m looking at you Logitech). And Insomniac has finally made official that they are creating a multiplatform IP.

Darrin also has some points for Red Dead Redemption, and I followed that up with an Official Review. Other than that, not much else in terms of news, but be sure to check on the back posts anyway!

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Nothing going on in the Community this week. It was definitely a slow week for a lot of us. It’s still nice to see commentating on articles, of course. Remember, if you want to submit news to us, you can by becoming a writer! There’s links all over the place, including the ‘Highlights’ tab of this post. Anyway, here is this week’s recognitions:

Contributor of the Week

  • Sakinah – 6 Entries

QuickNews Contributor of the Week

  • Sakinah, Tosh and Jay – 1 Entry Each

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[tab:Gaming News]

Killzone 3 News Roundup
Sakinah – May 23rd

New Playlist “The Lab” Heading to Uncharted 2
Sakinah – May 23rd

PS Move to preempt Project Natal by launching in July?
Ace – May 23rd

New CECH-2101 PS3 Slims with 40nm RSX chips spotted
Ace – May 23rd

Red Dead Redemption: Few More Points
Darrin – May 24th

Uncharted 2 PSN Avatars Arriving May 25
Sakinah – May 24th

GameStop Powers Up A New Rewards Program [Rewards Zone]
Ace – May 24th

Official Review: Red Dead Redemption
Jay – May 24th

PS3 Subscription Based Service to be Named PSN+?
Eddie – May 25th

Insomniac Partners with EA. Plans New Multiplatform Franchise
Darrin – May 25th

New Instruments Coming to Rock Band
Sakinah – May 25th

Rumor! Team Ico Collection (Ico & SOTC) Coming to Blu-ray Q1 2011
Eddie – May 26th

PS3 Only Does Natal? [Update: Gameplay Video]
Trev – May 26th

Naughty Dog Not Involved in Killzone 3 After All
Sakinah – May 27th

Sony confirms Premium PSN service
Ace – May 27th

Gran Turismo 5 pitstopped at 90% because of 3D and PS Move support
Ace – May 27th

Killzone 3 Footage and Interview
Trev – May 28th

Sega: 3D Will Be a Big Wave
Sakinah – May 29th

Thrustmaster Unveils New PS3/PC Ferrari Cockpit
Jay – May 29th

More 5-in1 Arcade Hits Stuff
Jay – May 24th

PlayStation Motion Games Category
Tosh – May 26th

Tekken 7 Announced
Sakinah – May 28th
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Nothing planned yet, but we’re still open for getting us some posse action on Red Dead Redemption!
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No poll results until the end of this week! The current poll shows three franchises with a LOT of support for a movie based on the games, but you’ll just have to vote yourself to see the current standings ;).
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Well, that’s it for me for now. I’ll try to get the Weeklies up this week. Hopefully I won’t have to deal with this nasty feeling much longer :lol:. E3 is fast approaching and tomorrow is the first day of June. Thanks for reading all!

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