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First Joe Danger Review In

Looks like IGN was the first to review Joe Danger for the PS3. Joe Danger was developed by Hello Games, a group of 4, and, according to IGN, the game is very, very polished. What did they wind up giving the game? A 9.5/10. Here’s their opening for their review, which gives you a basic idea of what to expect:

Imagine if Excitebike and Trials HD got together and totally did it. Their baby would be Joe Danger. It’s a stunt motorcycle game that combines the physics play of Trials with the cartoon presentation and level editor of Excitebike.

They even mention that the game feels a lot like Nintendo developed it. “…it will constantly surprise and delight you, in the way the best first-party Nintendo games do.” With the score they gave them, and the overwhelmingly positive remarks other people have made about the game since it’s original announcement, this might be the Indie Game of the Year on the PS3 (or, at the very least, a contender). I will most likely be downloading this title when it goes on sale next week, and when I do that, expect a review from us ;).