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Move Developer Diary: The Shoot

Cohort Studios, the team behind the PlayStation Move title ‘The Shoot’, has recently been featured in a Developer Diary for the game (shown above). The Shoot is very similar to light gun rail shooter games that you find at arcades and the like (I rather enjoy those personally). It has highly destructible environments, too. Sure it’s not the best looking game, but it still looks rather fun.

It has 5 different ‘B-Movie’ themes, including the Wild West, a Robot invasion, Mobster era, underwater monsters and haunted houses. There are also mini-challenges within the game, including underwater baseball and haunted house bowling. From the sound of it, the game even tracks your body (you can also see such demonstration in the video above, too):

You can use the PlayStation Move to activate special powers. Shoot into the ground to generate a shockwave and destroy all your enemies in one blast, spin on the spot to slow time with Showtime, and fire in the air to activate your all-powerful rampage gun. No more need for buttons or foot pedals — just duck behind cover and dodge projectiles, using the PlayStation Move. You can even co-star with a friend in your own action movies!

Now this begs a couple questions, though. Will this be a full-priced retail release or a downloadable title? Maybe their best bet would be to include the game with a controller if it goes retail? I guess we’ll have to see around when the title launches, or maybe get more info on it at E3. Let’s hope its not shovelware, though.