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Joe Danger 1st Impressions

With only 260mb of download size, the title is pretty impressive. Graphics are very polished and the learning curve is pratically null. I really did not like the in-game music, but there’s a patch coming up that will allow you to use your own music, as well as youtube uploading for impressing your friends with your wheelie skills.

One thing that I liked the most is that it automatically compares your score with your friends who also have the game. Jay, I’m coming for you, I kicked your butt in the first levels, but after that I was pwned…

Multiplayer is split screen only, and I did not test this feature. I suppose it’s lots of funs, but a network multiplayer or even ghost support will come in handy.

Level creation is pretty straightforward, you can pause the circuit at any time and add some loops and ramps and all sorts of obstacles like cars, buses, fish tanks, and some mud as well as other stuff. It’s limited to ten user made levels and the levels are different for single or multiplayer. Heck, you can even send and receive levels that your friends created. I did not test it, though.

I noticed a nice tribute to LBP in the background in the form of sackboy-like rocks and mountains… That was really cool by the developers. By the way, with only 4-5 people in the studio, they did an outstanding job.

If I were you, I would buy it right away, so we can compares scores and try to imagine how did we manage to get that 5,000+ high score when you just scored 500… 🙂