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Motorstorm Apocalypse

Motorstorm Apocalypse is now officially unveiled!

MotorStorm Apocalypse’s game director Matt Southern,

“There’s a sense that other genres are over-delivering, particularly the cinematic kind of experience – the Uncharted 2s and the Modern Warfares of the world – they’re not just good, they’re mind-blowingly awesome. We see a lot of racers that are good or great – and we’ve been fairly lucky with high review scores and decent sales – but then you’re seeing shooters doing 10 million plus. People want to be really excited – and in the last 12-18 months you’ve seen a few guys realize the same thing.”

See previews on The Sixth Axis and IGN. Some highlights:

Single-player is split into three separate campaigns of differing difficulty, and they’re personified by three distinct characters.

… gamers will be able to make use of a sentence-based scripting language to create their own races and missions, which can be shared ranked and played with friends.

Call of Duty fans will take delight in Apocalypse’s perks system, drivers being able to combine stat tweaks in the form of speed boosts, handling and combat improvement


  • A major draw of the first two Motorstorm games was racing through such dramatic features like canyons, cliffs, and waterfalls and reacting to water, mud, dirt, foilage, and rock terrain. The paved roads, highways, and bridges in city environments never seemed to hold the same diversity or appeal. Have they found a way to make city racing more exciting?
  • Split/Second looks cool, but I’m skeptical that a lot of the experience is a one-time novelty. The premise to this game sounds extremely similar. Will this be able to deliver a deeper game play experience?
  • Will they add more depth, replayability, and variety to the single player and multiplayer? IMO, racing has always lacked some of this relative to other genres like action adventure and RPGs.

If you haven’t played Motorstorm Pacific Rift, and like action games at all, it’s really a must play. IMO, it’s the best racer of this generation, and one of the most best action games as well. It really is that good. Look at the in-game photos I took here or read more on Pacific Rift here.