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InFAMOUS 2 Details and Scans From Game Informer

Warning! The following story includes spoilers from InFAMOUS.

Change of scenery:

Cole is forced to leave Empire City after barely escaping his first encounter with “The Beast”. According to Kessler in the first game “The Beast” is a super powerful entity that had it’s sights on Cole. That was why Kessler traveled across time lines to prepare Cole for the foe’s advent. Unfortunately by doing so, reality has changed making Cole’s encounter with “The Beast” was ahead of schedule and before he was ready.

As a result, Cole travels down south to New Marais ( New Orleans ) on a quest to get strong enough for his next encounter with “The Beast”.  New Marais is where the First Sons developed the Ray Sphere. It’s also under the control of a group called the Militia. This group doesn’t take kindly to the rise of “abnormalities” that’s been spreading across the country since the events of the first game. So it’s safe to say that Cole won’t be shown any southern hospitality by the Militia when he arrives in New Marais.

New Powers:

Cole will be getting new abilities as well. A new “induction launch” will allow Cole to get airborne in an instant. He’ll also be able to charge up weapons and other objects, similar to Gambit of the XMen. There was hints of Cole’s powers expanding beyond just lightning in a demo shown to Game Informer but Sucker Punch didn’t give too many details on that front.


Why the new look?

Cole’s redesign was something Sucker Punch felt they needed to do. They believe gamers were less attached to the previous grumpier version of Cole. Their goal with the new Cole is to make a more sympathetic, compelling, and appealing  hero. His new design was heavily influenced by extreme sports stars like Travis Pastrana. Zeke also gets a new look but unlike Cole, he has the same voice actor and personality. Sucker Punch promises that Cole’s wingman will be more helpful this time around.

Sounds good, but will there be multiplayer?

Lastly when the question of multiplayer came up Sucker Punch’s Nate Fox decline to give any details but he did say that they are “excited by all of the traction other products have made to provide a foundation for us.”

InFAMOUS 2 is set for a 2011 release.