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E3 2010: A Year in Motion?

PS3 Move

June 14th is over, and so far Microsoft, EA and Ubisoft showed us their weapons. Although everybody would expect a lot of hardcore titles, what we saw was mainly casual titles.

From Microsoft point of view of DVR and Skype to Ubisoft’s Michael Jackson rhythm title (which showed us nothing but dancers in the stage), we can only think that publishers want us sweating to the bones. All of them empathized the use of motion controllers or motion detection systems and we had a great time trying not to laugh from some presentations.

Of course, there were some good titles like Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood, Metal Gear: Rising, Medal of Honor and Call of Duty. But I could bet my chips that from a total of at least 5 hours, we spent not even one hour talking about these ones.

I really would like to see things different from June 15th’s presentation, but hey, Nintendo’ll be there… After all, E³ is not just about video-games. It’s Entertaining, even if we have to watch dancers out of sync with the game they’re presenting and a proud parent hunting his kids with a laser tag… 🙂