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Guess Who Decided to Come Back…

It was anticipated, but at the same time, it was thought to be a pipe dream. Turns out David Jaffe and friends have, indeed, been at work on the next Twisted Metal game. It’s simply titled Twisted Metal, and now includes flying (what?) as well.

During the E3 conference, they showed off some multiplayer gameplay, and it was chaotically crazy and looked like a hell of a lot of fun. David Jaffe, especially, seemed to be super excited announcing a surprise game, something you rarely see at E3 these days. As far as his take on the game, and multiplayer for that matter?

We know this is going to be the best Twisted Metal ever released. 16 players online, 2-4 player split screen, amazing new game modes, helicopters, motorcycles, sports cars, all battling it out in highly interactive levels with all the skill, speed, and strategy you could ask for! It’s been a long while since the last console Twisted Metal was released, but we think the wait will have been worth it. We’re crazy proud of the new game and are looking forward to entertaining all of the loyal TM fans as well as earning many new Twisted Metal devotees with this title.

Oh, and if you didn’t watch the conference, I advise you to check out the stage bit after the trailer was shown. Best cosplay ever, and a really sweet ice cream truck.