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Some PixelJunk Shooter 2 Information

So PixelJunk Shooter 2 has been confirmed to be coming, but there hasn’t been too many details come through, let alone, an official statement or anything at the press conference today (lets face it, if Sony were to show everything we wanted to see, the event would have had to been another couple of hours). So, what’s new with PixelJunk Shooter 2?

Besides the same type of gameplay sand dynamic fluid system, a fact sheet released by Sony says a whole lot, that’s what. The first PixelJunk Shooter only allowed for local co-op play, but they’re upping the ante with this one, as they plan to make it a bit more community-based. First off, there is now a competitive online mode that has you face off against other players in stages specifically built around that particular game mode.

You can also upload your ‘ghost’ online from your best performances, or download the ghosts of other players, both globally and by your friends, and then try to beat their scores. There is also a ‘Virtual Co-op” mode that sends out an AI controlled ghost to help you get through certain stages and work together.

And finally, besides the online ranking, there is also some YouTube upload support for your best runs and the like if you so choose to use the feature. Did I say finally? I actually meant it for this. The game is also playable on the PSP system via “Remote Play”. Be sure to check out the screenshots after the jump.