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Six Upcoming Games I’m Way Too Excited About

With E3 just getting underway, I’ve decided to look back on games that teased me in the past, that still haven’t been released, with a few more from E3 2010 that have had new details revealed about them. It’s a shame that since there technically hasn’t been an announcement of Grand Theft Auto V or Uncharted 3, because those would definitely be on this list.

I Am Alive

The post-apocalyptic survival game due to hit shelves sometime in before fall 2011, from Ubisoft, takes place after a decimating earthquake strikes Chicago. Originally unveiled at E3 2008, I Am Alive was the victim of multiple delays, and production shifting. Originally from Darkworks, it moved to Ubi Shanghai. Assassin’s Creed producer Jade Raymond was originally involved, but she left in January.

The 2008 trailer makes the game look awesome, but I’ve been disappointed by Ubisoft before (Stupid EndWar. What a waste of money.) and the delays in I Am Alive worry me. There’s also going to be a port to the Wii, and I hope that the Wii port doesn’t tone the game down for the real consoles.

According to the website and press releases, you have to wander around the destroyed Chicago area looking for anything of use, drinking water to stay hydrated, and avoiding other people because they will do anything to get their hands on your supplies.

Evidently, a second trailer was released at E3 2010, but I wouldn’t know because I don’t have the money to fly from Portland, Maine to Los Angeles, California. I’ve been looking around online for the new trailer, and I haven’t found it. There were a billion versions of the E3 2008 trailer, shown below, so let’s just use that.

AGENT and L.A. Noire

I put these two together because they’re both being developed by Rockstar Games, the premier gaming corporation for sandbox games. Agent takes place in the 1970s during the height of the Cold War, and will take you into “the world of counter-intelligence, espionage and political assassinations.” No trailer has been released online yet, and Agent is a PS3 exclusive, due to be released sometime this year. Agent was originally revealed at E3 2009, but Rockstar has still been iffy with the details to the game.

Rockstar has been much more revealing with L.A. Noire. It’s going to be on both PS3 and XBox 360, developed by Team Bondi, and was the subject of a GameInformer cover story a few months ago. There’s supposed to be a large amount of audio, as GameInformer said that there were over 20 hours of voice acting. It’s going to be a sandbox, taking place in a ‘completely accurate’ Los Angeles from the late 1940s. It will rely heavily on the stylistic properties of film noir mysteries. It’s expected to be released between August and October of this year. Expect me to preorder it.


For those of us who thought that Cole MacGrath from the original inFAMOUS was far too generic a character (which he WAS…but Alex Mercer from Prototype was no better), Sucker Punch Productions has changed him from a gravelly voiced un-emotional guy to a dude with a normal voice, actually half-decent dialog, and clothes that didn’t look like they were picked out by a color-blind guy from 1998.

inFAMOUS 2 takes place in a new city, New Marais, based on New Orleans. Unlike Empire City from the original inFAMOUS, New Marais isn’t destroyed before you even start playing the game. According to the trailer, it looks like some demonic force destroys New Marais during the game. Also, MacGrath evidently has a new superpower, which is the ability to freeze things, as evidenced by the number 2 being made out of ice in the inFAMOUS 2 logo, and the icicles growing out of the ground towards the end of the trailer.

Crysis 2

Apparently, Crysis 2 is supposed to have the greatest graphics of anything ever. It’s supposed to make Avatar look like Pacman. Of course Crytek is just blowing smoke, but the screenshot do make Crysis 2 look fantastic. Crysis 2 is set in an alien-infested New York City, because Crytek must’ve gotten tired of reusing jungle enviornments. It’s due to be released sometime during the holiday season of 2010.

The trailer makes the game look freaking insane. Hopefully, the gameplay hasn’t fallen because Crytek and EA have been focusing on the graphics.

LittleBigPlanet 2

LittleBigPlanet 2 is one of the game’s I’m most anticipating. Probably the most unique on the list, as all the others have had some form of violence and most of them are probably pushing an M rating. But the reasons I’m anticipating LBP 2 because the original LittleBigPlanet was TERRIBLE! I hated the original LBP. The gameplay was terrible, and the game relied heavily on DLC. I personally believe that a game should be able to stand up on single player alone, and not on downloadable content.

The reason why I’m anticipating this game so much is because I’m pretty sure it’s going to be as bad as the original LBP. I’ll probably end up renting it in order to see if the gameplay has improved any over the original. I’ll probably keep an open mind throughout LBP 2 but I’m not expecting much of anything.

However, watching the trailer, actually sort of made me want to buy it. It’s going to be better than the original LBP, but then again it won’t be that hard to be better than the original LBP.

Games that missed the cut:

Call of Duty: Black Ops

Prototype 2

Mafia II

Fallout New Vegas

Driver: San Francisco