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E3 2010: Sorcery: Harry Potter on Steroids?

I’m impressed. How come nobody posted even a quick note about Sorcery, the upcoming title SCE will bring us? It was first announced at E3 2010, and it uses the new PlayStation Move controllers. And it is a blast!

You will take the role of a magic apprentice, and must protect people from the evil Nightmare Queen, which broke a pact with men. Inspired by the traditional Irish/Celtic mythology, it will let you use twelve different arcane magics, including manipulating elemental powers, like fire, wind, ice, etc. Heck, you can brew elixirs using the Move controller to “mix” the potions.

It’s just not a hack’n’slash, though. You’ll need to solve puzzles and numerous quests for townsfolk, like rescuing kidnapped children and finding ancient magic in city ruins.

The comparison to the Harry Potter games is inevitable, but Sorcery’s atmosphere looks darker and it seems more polished to me. Its mechanics will be used in all sort of wizardry/sorcery/alchemist games, including  the upcoming Harry Potter title itself.

Sorcery will be available in the Q2 2011 (why will it take so long?!? :D). E3 presentation after the break…