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Prediction: VR Athlete Training on PS3/360

Bio-mechanical engineers have extensively studied and developed CAD models surrounding the physical motions and techniques in major sports.

Professional sports teams pay top dollar for bio-mechanical engineering firms to develop 3D models of their athletes motions and techniques and show them how to improve. This isn’t sci-fi, this is regularly done today.

With precision motion tech like Move and Kinect coming to consumer consoles, that high end service will become a mainstream commodity. If your son or daughter is in a little league team (or other sport), you will be able to buy a PS3/360 program that will actually help his real world baseball swing and pitching techniques.

There are already lower-end services that cater to regular families. Some involve emailing video clips of swing/pitching technique and receiving analysis. However, mainstream products like Move and Kinect will dramatically improve this type of service.

For full body motion study, I’d imagine that Microsoft’s Kinect will be the more appropriate technology than Sony’s Move.

Regardless, this is a really amazing technology development.