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Undisclosed GT5 Feature Hidden in Trailer?

You know how at the end of the PS3 trailers, usually the exclusives, we get that little list of features in the game that scroll through? After going frame-by-frame at the end, because of a little tip off I read in the comments section at another site, here’s what was listed:

  • 950+ Cars
  • Online Racing
  • Career Mode
  • Drifting
  • Rally
  • Customization

What is the customization? It was really well-hidden, too, and, unless you go frame by frame, you will most likely miss it. Now, what customization does it speak of? Is it just the standard customization we had for a while, such as custom wheels and a spoiler, if available? Or is it complete customization, including livery support? We’ll have to wait and see (probably until Tokyo Game Show).

One thing is for sure, at the end of this interview, when asked what the interviewee’s favorite new feature was, he does say that it’s undisclosed. Could that be about the customization? Possibility for dynamic weather? What are your thoughts on both?