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Prepare to Battle - Onslaught Mode Due To Hit Your Consoles

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 geeks are going to be in for a treat today and tomorrow as DICE release their eagerly awaited Onslaught Mode. The new mode is due to hit the US today (22nd June) with Europe getting a taste of the action tomorrow (23rd June).

With the price of the mode expected to be around $9.99 (US) and 8.99 Euros, I’m sure fans of the franchise will pull out their wallet blindfolded to pay for the expansion pack. The new mode is to be a 4-player co-op mode facing waves of computer controlled enemies. If you think you’re just going to spawn, run around like a lunatic and shoot everything that moves – think again!

The maps which will feature this mode are Valpariso, Atacama Desert, Isla Innocentes and Nelson Bay. This feature is sure to keep you busy for quite some time until the much talked about Vietnam pack hits the BC2 store this Winter.

Soldiers – at ease!

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