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Another Red Dead Redemption Chronicle…

… or Texas Shoot’em!

Times were tough in New Austin, and I was really short on actual. Hunting animals was not profitable, and all the outlaws vanished from the town. Heck, I need to buy some tobaccos, my dead eye is literally dead.

So what a cowboy would do? I decided to gamble, that should be the easiest way to earn some cash. I rode my horse from Thieves Landing to Escalera, where it was said the poker tables were good source of money from dumb Federales.

That was a hell of a ride, but I finally managed to arrive before sunset. Thanks to my new horse, the old one put me down in a cactus plant and I had to shoot him in the head. Well, a horse is a horse, that’s what they say.

I entered the saloon, and I was acock by the flannel mouths surrounding the abandons. Since I was interested in money, I went straight to the poker room.

Hum, that should be easy, four Mexicans should not offer any resistance. Everything was going right, I won some hands, lost a handful of others, when I got two queens and decided to take a final blow.

The Flop was good, an ace and a queen alongside with a minor one. I bet all my chips and waited for the fishes to bite the bait. No yield, all the chips at the table.

Problem is that this granger called Henrico Trujedas had two aces in his hand, and he definitely got my back up when he said something like ‘Perdeste, Cabron!’. I did not even think about the matter, stood up from my seat and put two bullets in his head. He was a four-flusher, I could see it in his eyes! Of course the others Mexicans in the table started to kick up a row, and they followed the same destiny as Henrico.

Now I’m cornered in this room, with four corpses and a bunch of deputies trying to get in, But they won’t get me alive, my name’s John Marston and dynamite is ready to bl……….

Western Slang Reference [1] [2]

This is another homage to this greatest game and all the freedom it has to offer. First one is here.