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Inafune: “It’s a dark time for Japanese Games Industry…”

We already heard that before last year at Tokyo Game Show, and this prediction is becoming quite common from Japanese developers. According to Keiji Inafune, creator of many successful titles like the Mega Man series and the upcoming Dead Rising new sequel, “Every year that I come to E3, year in and year out, the one thing I’ve noticed is that it seems like the Japanese game developer share seems to be getting smaller and smaller“.

For Capcom’s Head of Global R&D, “I think to myself sometimes, if we keep on this course, the Japanese gaming market will disappear totally. That is one of the valid concerns that I have, which is why as a Japanese publisher, as Capcom, we really want to fight the good fight, and try and make our games work within this more primarily Western market“.

I personally think that the key to a successful gaming industry is collaboration. We already saw that in the past and it worked. It will be a pitty seeing great companies like Konami, Capcom or even Namco ruined because of that. Inafume himself is working closely with Blue Castle, a Canadian studio, to create Dead Rising 2.

Fact is that Japanese industries are insisting in RPGs and inovation is becoming scarse. But hey, how can we imagine gaming industry without Japanese creations like Mario, Sonic, or Pac-man? 😀