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More In-Depth PlayStation Plus Info

Over at the Official Blog, Susan Panico, Sr. Director of the PlayStation Network has gone into a little more detail as to what the features for PS+ are. To begin, most of us are already aware that a 3 month subscription is $18 and a 1 year subscription is $50. For a limited time, you get 3 free months with the 1 year subscription as well (15 months in other words). You can pay for the service the same way you pay for anything in the store, through PSN cards and credit/debit cards.

During a given month, you can download free Minis, PSOne and PSN games. The titles available will change each month and replace the previous month’s. Once you download a PSN title, it’s yours as long as you are a subscriber. If your subscription lapses, you won’t be able to access them again, but you can get a new subscription and the titles you had previously will become playable again. If you delete the title, you can also re-download it, too (as long as you downloaded it before, and the title doesn’t show in the PS+ part of the store because it’s a new month, you can find it in the regular store and still get it for free).

Dynamic themes, avatars, premium game elements (that’s new), etc. will be able to be kept forever, even after your subscription. Some of these items will only be available to PS+ members. You also get steeper discounts than regular sales, and these discounts range from 20%-50% off. Discounted purchases are yours to keep.

Check after the bump for a few more details on the full game trials and automatic updates (as well as a few other bits of information)

Full game trials are only for select titles (the first month will be InFAMOUS). These trials will usually last an hour (it says “unless otherwise stated” so some could, theoretically, last longer). If you decide to purchase the game, you won’t need to re-download it. Just purchase the key, and continue where you left off (and trophies and the like will be unlocked as well, even ones you may have unlocked during the trial period).

As for Automatic Updates, while your PS3 is in stand-by mode, it will automatically patch the games you have played, it will download demos and betas, and download firmware updates, day or night and whenever they become available (automatic downloads will not go into effect while you are playing, though). As far as firmware updates go, you will still need to install them yourself.

As far as other stuff?

  • They’re still looking at Cross Game Chat (I still don’t know why you’d want to talk to people who are playing a different game than you), but not necessarily as a PS+ feature
  • The master account is the only account that can purchase PS+, but all games and features will be available to the sub accounts as well
  • The free minis and PSOne games will be playable on the PSP still
  • Sony plans on expanding PS+ during its lifetime, adding new services and features as time goes by
  • Qore is also free to PS+ subscribers

Given the more in-depth understanding and explanation of the service, who is going to hop on board and subscribe to PS+? Personally, it really seems to pay for itself multiple times over in a year. Yeah, you won’t be able to continue playing PSN titles you got for free, but that’s a part of the service; a service that made them available to you in the first place. If they allowed you to keep those games after your subscription ends (or you canceled it), you’re ripping them off. You didn’t buy the games, after all.