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Poll: Which are you looking forward to getting your hands/eyes on more?

On the last poll a lot of you wanted to see PS2 titles come to the PlayStation Store. No announcement on that was made though. A few of us wanted a better web browser. I’d like to see Google Chrome on the PS3 myself. Then a few of you voted for Oly1Kenobi. Which did happen, he even got into the Sony Press Conference last minute. Lucky, lucky.

This poll idea was by EvilTerrier. Since I used his idea, he gets 200 points. As usual vote in the sidebar. If you have any ideas for polls please respond to this forum topic, so we can change it up more often. Our goal is to change it up every 2 weeks.

I’m going camping for the weekend so I won’t be around starting tomorrow until later on Monday. So just wanted to get a new poll up.

Things You Want At This Years 2010 E3?

PSN upgrade to include PS2 titles in the store – 26 Votes 27% of all votes
Some kind of new exclusive Game series – 22 Votes 22% of all votes
Better Web Browser – 11 Votes 11% of all votes
Oly1Kenobi – 11 Votes 11% of all votes
New hardware: New psp or any other hardware – 7 Votes 7% of all votes
In-game voice chat – 7 Votes 7% of all votes
PSN Premium services – 6 Votes 6% of all votes
New PS3 Firmware – 6 Votes 6% of all votes
3D announcement for the PS3, both in terms of games and blu-ray – 2 Votes 2% of all votes

Total Votes: 98
Started: June 9, 2010