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Sony Already Falling Behind Microsoft When it Comes to Marketing Move


Since Sony and Microsoft both showed off their motion control tech at this years E3, we’ve seen little public demonstrations of Move. On the other hand Microsoft ‘s Kinect has been on the move with it’s first public appearance to a live audience on NBC’s Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Even with the noticeable response delay with the demo of Kinect, it seemed like a lot of fun was had.

Kinect wasn’t the only motion control game featured on the show. This week kicks off  Fallon’s first ever “Video Game Week”. Kinect was showed off on Monday followed by a Tiger Woods demo for the Wii on Tuesday. Tonight the only PS3 exclusive game that’s going to be in the spotlight on the show is Killzone 3.

I’m no fan of all this motion tech nonsense but if Sony plans on getting the word out about Move, besides at scheduled events, then they need to step up their game..literally.

Get Move on Oprah or CNN, Sony!

To be fair,Move has had a public showing in Sony’s home country of Japan after E3 2010 unfortunatly Japan makes up 1/3 of the world gaming market. Quite frankly I don’t think that’s enough. Japan is already considered Sony and Nintendo country when it comes to gaming.

 Of course noone can be certain if/when Sony plans to push Move advertising into full throttle. Perhaps as the release gets closer? If that’s the case then by that time, the only people who are interested, outside of those who already own a PS3 for gaming, will know more about Kinect than Move.