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Does Qore = PlayStation Plus?

< When I first heard of PlayStation Plus, I thought, "Oh, they are renaming/rebranding Qore. Who cares...". What really surprises me, is how many people are offended by this and have somehow interpreted this to mean that PSN is now a tiered service, is not completely free, and who knows what kinds of terrible roads this will lead us down in the future, etc, etc... Let's break this down for a second. For the past two years, the "Qore" service...

  1. Required a yearly subscription
  2. Provided free games
  3. Provided lots of early access to demos and betas
  4. Included the Qore e-zine
  5. Is completely optional and not-required for all other regular PSN use.
  6. OK, that’s basically the same exact description of the new PlayStation Plus service. I wonder if they will convert Qore subscriptions over or not? The only difference is that they are making vague hints about expanding the service in the future and they also plan to have more free games that you can only access with an active subscription.

    So bottom line, nothing is changing so far except the name and branding of the Qore service. Other things may change down the line, and they are kind of hinting at that, but as of now, this is non-news.