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RDR Game Night: Who Shot Who(at)

You! What did you do last Saturday, June 27th, from 9PM to 11PM, Eastern Time? Hum, lacking an alibi? You just missed out on our first Red Dead Redemption Game Night, and I’ll tell ya, it was lots of fun!

Sinlock started the party, since I was late trying to get my horse to colaborate with me. I found the whole gang in Nosalida, and we went co-op, saving ladies from bad guys and rowing a raft through Rio Bravo. Then, we got tired of helping each other and went to a couple of FFA matches, including Grab the Bag (this is the best multiplayer mode) and Shootout.

So, here are the awards for all the players that answered our call to arms:

  • Most talkative player: Sinlock (I still can hear his voice when playing a single player campaign…)
  • Most dead eye incarnate: Fatalvali (I’m still afraid of him, really! Rarely missed a shot…)
  • Best use of a headset: Nash the Slash (No need to talk when Sinlock is online, headset malfunctioning was just an excuse…)
  • Best low scoring ever: DZounar (Really, there were no bad dudes left for me when playing with these guys!)

Since this is our first time (ouch!), we did not think of awards and such. We’ll try to giveaway some points to the best players that played with us (I’m counting on you, Tosh…).

Honorable mentions to Oly1Kenobi and JimmyMagnum, who tried to play but somehow got kicked everytime from the session… They can blame Rockstar and try again next time…
I’ll tell you, the best part of the night was hearing the sound of trophies for everyone of us, and we sure did make some friends we can rely on when being shot from behind… Now, who said video games can’t go social?