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PS3 Recovery and the Hulu Deal

The president of Sony’s Worldwide Studios Shuhei Yoshida has been worried about the PS3, as long as its been released, the problem has been the constant loss of money. Recent polls show that the PS3 has lost the company billions of dollars, but that could all be changing due to a small change. Sony has now made a cost efficient gaming chip which gives Sony a lot more relief, the earlier chip was more pricey and the cost would add up because it was included in every console made. Very close to the PS3, EA has been very pleased with the recent rise in the Playstation success, John Schappert from EA said that “The system is on fire!” EA has said that the PS3 will be seeing special editions of games like Dead Space 2, Medal of Honor, and Portal 2 in 2011.

If a time for a comeback should come, now is the time especially with new gaming equipment, teaming up with other companies, and alot more new games. Sony’s deal with Hulu seems to be coming to an end. For those of you that don’t know, Hulu and Sony have been teaming up to bring the users of the PS3 an unlimited amount of high definition movies at a cost of course. This is really good for Sony because of Sony’s new 3D TV which could enhance the quality of the already advanced display.

This has also opened a new opportunity for Hulu because now, Hulu has said that they are trying to expand their products even more into the PS3 competition, the Xbox 360 and even so far as the Ipad. How will this work out for Sony? Will this impact Sony’s deal with Hulu in any way? Only time will tell.