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Bounty Hunter: A RDR Chronicle Contest Winner…

This is one of the winners of the RDR Chronicle Contest. It was submitted by Oly1Kenobi. Have fun reading, any similarities between this story and real life are purely coincidental.

“Ugh. This is nasty. What were you eating?”, I said to myself as I was skinning a wolf that had just attacked my horse for no good reason.

Wolves aren’t usually alone north of Mac Farlane’s ranch, so this one might have been rabid. The meat would be worthless so I just took the skin and headed down to the ranch to sell it at the General Store. $12 for that skin was pretty good, just enough for me to buy a box of much needed repeater ammo.

As I exited the store I notice a new wanted poster was up next door at the Sheriff’s Station. “Wanted,” it read, “JimmyMagnum, Grand Larceny, Rape, and Murder. Last Seen near Venter’s Place. $800 Alive, $400 Dead.” That face… That beard… I’d seen this man! Well this monster. Last seen near Venter’s Place, however I saw him and a small gang setting up residence at an otherwise abandoned cabin at Lake Don Julio.

I had ridden to the cabin, hoping to spend the night, after finding some treasure on Del Lobo Rock. I caught a glimpse of this “JimmyMagnum” as the gang yelled at me to get lost. Sometimes I tell myself things happen for a reason. Like what brought me by there was fate come-a-callin’. I whistled for my black warhorse and took off for the lake. This would be a long ride, however, the reward was too much to pass up.

“C´mon!” “Let’s go!” I yelled as I rode as fast as this warhorse would take me.

I did stop for a few minutes to pick some Red Sage for some crazy man down in Mexico that said he needed it to finish his flying machine, but I still made great time.

As I neared the cabin I jumped of my horse and found an easy route down the cliff behind it. I took cover behind a large boulder and scoped the place out. I could see six men, and could hear a few more shouting inside. Magnum wasn’t to be seen so I figured he was inside.

I double checked my Henry Repeater’s ammo. Maxed out at 12 bullets, I was sure it would be enough. I took aim at the nearest man and blew a hole clean through his head. The others quickly drew their guns and started firing at me.

“I’m only here for Magnum”, I shouted, “The rest of you lowlifes can just leave!”

“You’re gonna die mister!”, one of them yelled back as bullets streamed over my head.

“My men won’t leave me to you alone”, shouted Magnum from inside the cabin, “why don’t you just shoot your self friend and save me the trouble!”

“I ain’t your friend! My name’s John Marston gentlemen and I’m afraid you’re dead!”

I stood and shot, taking out two of them this time. I hit one in the head and one in the chest. The other men were behind cover so I ran for the back of the cabin. Almost there and a bullet took my hat clean off.

“I guess it’s too late to talk about things?”, I asked sarcastically.

I spun around to the west side of the cabin and shot a 4th man running around to get me. I missed with the first shot but hit him with the next three. Leg, chest, head, dead! He dropped at my feet.

“Do you fellas piss sitting down or something?”, I shouted to aggravate them further.

It musta’ worked well, because the last two men outside rushed at me guns a’blazing. I shot without aiming, hitting them each with two shots. One dropped dead, however the other started to get up.

“You stay dead!”, I yelled as I shot him in the head.

That was all twelve shots. I needed more ammo so I looted the man dead at my feet.

“Excuse me partner, I ain’t gettin’ fresh.”

Two dollars and some shotgun shells. That wasn’t gonna help. I put my rifle on my back and pulled out my speedy 9 shot LeMat revolver.

“Let’s finish this!”, I yelled running around to the front of the cabin.

A gang member was running out the front door at the same time so I dropped and rolled, shooting him in the chest with 2 shots as I came to my feet.

Three more men came running out of the door. One of them was Magnum. $400 dead, $800 alive. Not wanting to kill Magnum, I used my very accurate aim I like to call my Dead Eye. Time almost seemed to stop as I visualized bullets blowing holes in the other two bandit’s heads.

Boom! Boom! Went my LeMat revolver, as they both dropped dead. JimmyMagnum stopped short with his very nice looking gold plated repeater in hand.

“This is where it ends buddy! Right here!”, I said, “Just put down the gun, and I won’t have to send you to hell, yet!”

“Hell? I’ve already been there!”. He took aim and I quickly shot his hand disarming him.

“I ought’a let your hillbilly ass rot right here”, I said as I hog tied him with my rope.

I then whistled for my trusty steed and lifted Magnum up onto my horse when he arrived.

“You comfortable? You get the smelly end.”

“I’m gonna get outta this rope and gut you like a pig!” Magnum said.

“Shut up and no annoying the horse.”

I quickly headed off to Armadillo to claim my reward for this scum.

“Try not to fall off! Here we go.”

It was a rather peaceful ride back as I only had to kill 8 bandits trying to either rescue Magnum or take him in for the reward themselves.

As we approached the city, Magnum pleaded, “Let me go and I’ll give you double the reward.”
“Shut up!!”
“You better let me go, this ride is giving me a bad case of nausea!”

“I’ll give you a bad case of someone just shot me in the head if you don’t shut up!”