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RDR: Game Night Recap.

Heres a quick recap for the RDR game night we held on 7/3.

During the week we had a lot of activity on the game night post. Quit a few people showed up there and I recived 4 new PSN friend requests in relation to Game Night.

On the night of the game we got started around 8:30 on the dot with Jay jumping in for the pre-game (100 points). We did the “Hit the trail ” trophy by riding from Blackwater to Escalera. When we got there we got into a pretty good gun fight with two other players. Then Jay got involved in a sniper duel with some kid on the other side of the river. I have to say my sniper style is 1 shot 1 kill, Jay is mor like 6 shots 1 kill. Needless to say Jay killed him a few more times, good thing there is not a semi-auto scoped rifle. So for that he gets 50 Reach Out and Touch Someone points.

Right around 9:00 the other players showed up or at least tried too. This week it was Demerson and Fatal’s turn to have connection issues as they would get droped from the match seconds after joining. After more than a few tries they went off and played with themselves. 😀 They will both get 50 The Internet says I’m Grounded points.

During the game I got a friend invite from Ace and he quickly joined (100 points) us and started droping bandits left and right. He’s really good at covering his buddys flanks and racked up more than a few assists. He gets 50 Watch your back Jack points.

Next to show up was Luke (100 points) and he made us all know that if we wanted kills we’d have to work for them. He’s got a Run and Gun style, run into your field of fire, run over your stick of Boom Boom, run up to tour target and steal you kill. So he gets 50 Run Forest Run points.

Jay also made a great showing during the free for all gold rush match. Making use of both ambush and back shooting tactics he earned 50 Kill’em with Kindness points. He also slamed down 7 bag returns earning him 50 I’m a Golddigger points.

This weeks earnings were.
Jay= 250 points.
Luke= 150 points.
Ace= 150 points.
Fatal= 50 points
Demerson= 50 points.

Tune in for details on next weeks game!!