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My E3 Experience Day 1 (Part 1)

First off I want to express extreme gratitude to Tosh for making E3 happen for me. THANK YOU!! Second, I want to apologize for the delay in this post, I’ve been extremely busy. Last but not least, there will be an E3 giveaway in my last E3 experience post. So watch for it!

After a grueling long day at the office on Monday, I went home to prepare for my trip to L.A. the next morning. I made sure to have my confirmation email printed out, as well as my business card. Registration began at 8 am and E3 started at noon. After a very restless night, I got up at 4:45 am (I usually get up at 7:30), and headed to the nearest Starbucks for an Iced Venti caramel macchiato.

San Diego to L.A. is a horrible drive due to the traffic in Orange and Los Angeles counties. It took me almost four hours to get there.

There were, however, some cool billboards along the way.

I arrived at the convention center about 8:50 and found parking about 4 blocks away for $25.

After waiting in line for about 15mins, I was told that I was in the wrong area for Media registration. I then waited another 15mins in the correct line and got my badge relatively easy. I found the very cool media lounge and sat down to plan out my day.

First up was figuring out where the PlayStation Press Conference was so I could head over and get in what I was sure to be a very long line to get in. Thumbing through the E3 magazine/guide a couple times I realized there was no mention of the press conference at all. I then went to find someone who could tell me where to go. No one seemed to know, and when I finally found someone that did, they told me that it was invite only and that if I was invited I’d know where to go. I finally figured out that it was actually not at the convention center, but that I’d need to take a shuttle to where it was being held. When I found the people running the shuttles, they told me that it was a 15min trip there, 15min trip back, and that I most likely wouldn’t get in.  I debated going, as the line to get on the bus was long and I’d miss the opening of the exhibit halls. The press conference and the halls both opened at noon.

 I decided to try my, “always good luck at this type of thing,” and got on a bus. The ride there was very grueling through downtown L.A. traffic. I wanted to pull some Grand Theft Auto, kill the bus driver and just tear through the streets to get there.

I held back, even though the 15min trip turned into about 35 mins. After getting off the bus I proceeded to pass by the long lines of people getting their passes and headed straight to the front like I owned the place.

I hung out a little bit at the help desk to figure out how people were getting in. There were tables that people would get their wrist bands alphabetically if pre-registered/invited and one really long line for the help desk. I quickly learned that no one that wasn’t on the lists already, even if they swore they were supposed to be, would get in unless there was room after the press conference started. Anyone wanting to try to get in would need to wait in a different, insanely long line and hope there was room.

 I figured I would just try my luck at walking past security. Well my luck worked out well as I walked with a group into an outdoor area designated only for those with wristbands already. It was a very large patio area with many tables and chairs. There were about 8 different booths set up to hand out free food ranging from hot dogs and fruit platters to customized cupcakes. There was also an open bar!  “I’m in!” I thought. Time for food and drink. I stood in the shortest line and got a meat stick, hopefully it wasn’t cat or dog, and a small Long Island. I then decided I should try to find a seat and headed into the auditorium. More security! They needed to see my wrist band.

“I’m just trying to get into the bathroom,” I quickly said.

“You can’t get in without a wrist band,” they said, “but there is a bathroom across the street at the Carls Jr.”

I just kinda stood back and watched. I noticed a woman holding a few wrist bands and proceeded to her.

“Hi,” I started,” I am trying to get in to use the restroom while I wait to see if I can get into the Press Conference.”

“Well how did u get in here without a wristband,” she asked. 

“I just walked in to find the restroom,” I said.

 “Well, they weren’t supposed to let you in here,” she said,” Who are you with?”

I preceded to tell her that I was a co-writer for,  registered late for E3, and didn’t realize we needed to register for this press conference.

 “You are with and they won’t give you a pass? Here put this on,” she said as she handed me a wrist band, “and follow me.”
She then walked me in past all the security and up to the fourth row just off center. “You can sit here,” she said, “and the restrooms are just in the hall.”
There were a bunch of people inside already, but the first few rows were reserved. I thanked her very much, handed her a business card and sat down.

The press conference was very fun to see live, however I won’t bore you with all the details, as I know most of you have seen it by now. I do have to mention that there was a lot of excitement and energy in the room, and it reminded me of a concert.
When Kevin Butler came out the place exploded.

Also the 3D was amazing. What an exciting press conference Sony put on, and ending it with the Ice Cream truck from Twisted Metal… AWESOME!!

After the press conference was over, the line to get on the buses back to the convention was just as bad as the lines to get in. It took about a 45mins to get back to the convention, but they dropped me off right in front of the BurgerStorm Food cart. Free Burgers? I’m there!!

 To be continued… with many more photos from inside E3!!!

[Part 2 soon]