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Dead Rising 2 Cover Revealed


Capcom has revealed the box art for the upcoming Dead Rising 2 along with it’s new website, which erm seems to be dead at the moment…

Full details of the site when it’s risen from the grave after the jump;

Dead Rising fans, listen up! We have TWO surprises for you today!

First up, we’re very happy to announce the launch of a brand new website featuring the exploits of a quartet of characters from the world of Dead Rising 2!

Follow the exploits of Lance, Gretchen, Wallace and Johnny Pipes at and discover exclusive content from Dead Rising 2.

United by a love of zombies and desperate to obtain tickets for the hottest show in town, Terror is Reality XVII, you will follow these four individuals throughout their journey while getting an inside look into Dead Rising 2 that can’t be found anywhere else.

Updated weekly with new content and surprises, we encourage you to keep coming back to for the latest on Dead Rising 2.

Additionally, we’re also excited to unveil the box art for the game