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Two Worlds II the secret gem of E3?

For those of you who haven’t seen the trailer for Two Worlds II are missing out. This game seems to have a the same open-world RPG receipt that both The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion and Fallout 3 have. This game is being developed by a Polish Studio which seems to have released several titles but it wasn’t until Earth 2140 that they struck gold. Below is the trailer which seems to have a lot of promise:

Set in a massive open world teeming with animal life, Two Worlds II is an RPG that’s intensely focused on player freedom. You won’t find rigid character classes like “Barbarian” or “Thief.” Instead, you’ll build a custom class by assigning skill points across a wide range of talents: assassination, melee combat, trade, lockpicking, and magic to name just a few. Want to combine the spell-casting acumen of a Wizard with the brute melee force of a Warrior? No problem: just assign your skill and stat points accordingly. You use the directional pad to swap quickly between your gear loadouts, so you could soften up an enemy with magic while wearing your spell-boosting equipment, then instantly swap to your heavy armor and axe to dash in and finish the job.
Magic spells are similarly dynamic and customizable (are you sensing a theme here?). Rather than find and assign a typical “Fireball” spell, for example, you can mix and match various magic traits (in the form of cards) to achieve a witches’ brew of effects. In my demonstration, I saw the player combine a fire card, a multi-shot card, a heat-seeking card, a summon card, and a reflection card to create a wicked spell that flung bouncing, splitting, heat-seeking, flaming projectiles that spawned demonic enemies on impact. Not bad, eh? Two Worlds II will contain a vast number of spell combinations – I overheard “10 to the 16th power” – and might draw comparisons to Borderlands’ similarly monstrous weapon arsenal.

You know what I would love to see in these type of games? Some crazy MOVE Support. How I would love to use the bow an arrow, shield and sword, or even a Wand as if I was really in the game. Who’s with me?