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Landit Bandit: Landing on the PSN Today

You might have seen some news about this game in the past, but the wait is over. The game is coming to the PSN today for a price of $9.99. The game was developed by the “Bearded Ladies”, five guys who wanted to spice things up and stand out. I’d say with a name like “Bearded Ladies” they have done that. Here is a photo of them just to prove that they are not ladies or bearded:

But come on lets face it, we don’t come here to check out guys or their beards. So without further ado here is a video and a little about the game:

The game, Landit Bandit, is a wacky 3D helicopter adventure that pays homage to several old classics such as Ugh! and Crazy Taxi. The controls are intuitive and resemble Moonlander in 3D, but are deep enough to have you playing for hours to master them. The game is aimed at anyone that enjoys flight games or physics-based games in general, or anyone that wants to play something different…’cause we are confident you have not played anything like this before.

Since we are big fans of split-screen gaming, Landit Bandit features both drop-in co-op as well as six different split-screen duels.