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Are George Hotz’s Hacking Days Over?

George Hotz’ became famous ( or infamous) after cracking open Apple’s iPhone  but he recently made headlines when  he developed a method for hacking the PS3 and released an exploit for it.  It was because of this that Sony opted to remove of the “Other OS” function on their HD console to prevent anyone from using the exploit discovered by Geohot. Sony’s decision to axe the “Other OS” option triggered a lot of controversy but apparently it was just what the doctor ordered.

Some months have passed since the incident and after pledging to find a way around Sony’s patch for the PS3, Hotz has made a surprising announcement via twitter. He’s apparently retiring from his hacking career.

“It was a cool ride, and I learned a lot. Maybe I’ll do in the next few days, a formal goodbye.”

Is Hotz really throwing in the towel or is he just waiting for the day when Sony let’s his guard down regarding the security of the PS3. Either way, Sony can take comfort in knowing that the PS3 remains unhackable…for now.