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Group Forums Directory

The link for this is

I also added it under the drop down menu under Site Activity > Group Forums Directory

Now you can create a new group forum topic right from the directory page. Just select the group you want to post too. Be sure to add some relevant tags. Just a reminder you do earn points for group forum posts.

Note: If you try to create a new group forum topic and get this message “Sorry, there were no forum topics found.” Then that group doesn’t have a forum set up. So ask the Group admin to enable it for you.

You can filter the group forums by Last Active, Most Posts and Unreplied ( aka the lonely posts 🙁 )

It’s best to create a new group forum topic rather than just an update. Much easier to find later when needed as well. Updates can sometimes get lost among all the activity.

What if the group your part of or created yourself doesn’t have a forum? Well check out this post on how to create it.

The search box at the top of the group forums directory apparently only searches in the forum topics, not the contents.

Note: Group forum topics in private or hidden groups will not show up in the directory.