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RDR Game Night (07/10): Recap and Awards

For those who were not around in the past week, we had our 3rd Red Dead Redemption Game Night this past Saturday (July 10th).

I started the fun around 9pm Eastern, and Darrin soon joined me. We were about to shoot some dudes in Pike’s Basin when Luke joined us. After some chit-chat we decided to have some fun in the co-op mayhem.

As far as I remember, we completed most of the maps available. I can say that we really need improvement, we replayed a lot of missions because of sooner death…

So, as far as awards and points go, here are the awards for the night:

  • (50 points) Stagecoach of the month (forgetting Luke in the fort): Darrin
  • (50 points) Blow up your comrades (Darrin was history…): Luke
  • (25 points) The sooner the better (First to attend): Darrin
  • (25 points) I’m not tired yet (Last to get out): Luke

So, 75 points each. Not bad for two hours of horse killing* and hat shooting…

I would like to thank Farmer MacGuffin’s daughter for convincing her dad to let me play this time, since I was grounded last time because of his curse (more on that in another chronicle…), when my connection gave up on me.

Hope to see you next time! Stay tuned for another game night announcement…

* No horses were harmed during this event… Ok, probably a couple…