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Stereoscopic Screen Sharing

Some new patents reveal that Sony is considering “Stereoscopic Screen Sharing”. This probably isn’t the best name, but the idea is actually pretty good.

Rather than use the new TVs and active shutter glasses to display stereo 3D, they can use the same technology to display two separate full-screen 2D video feeds for two player game play on the same display.

Basically, rather than have the PS3 and display alternate between displaying left eye and right eye images and have the glasses alternate between blocking the right eye and left eye, the PS3 and screen alternate between player 1 and player 2 views and the glasses alternate between blocking both eyes and blocking neither eye.

Personally, I’m still more interested in wearable 3D video glasses/goggles, but this is a great feature and a major improvement for anyone who plays lots of local multiplayer.

Can anyone explain what the purpose of the second linked patent is?

Screen Sharing Patent Link
Second Patent Link