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Young Thor dropping the Hammer on the PSP/PS3

Frima Studio’s, the creators of Zombie Tycoon and the recent Widgets Odyssey are bring a brand new title to the PSP Mini which can also be played on the PS3. The team built this game from the ground up to push the PSP to it’s limits and pave the way for future titles on the PSP. Hit the jump to see final trailer for the game before it’s released into the wild on the 20th of July and some screenshots.

Your mission as baby Thor? To lay the smack down on Midgard, the world of men, and Asgard, the world of the gods, with over a dozen different attacks and special powers on your quest to save the world tree Yggdrasil. There are 50 different in-game achievables to unlock throughout Thor’s journey and if that wasn’t enough the game also has an addictive leveling and experience system that will let you strengthen your stats to level 99, snag plenty of divine items and drop the elbow from the sky on Hel, daughter of Loki!

As you can see from the trailer the game looks amazing and for only $4.99 I am sure they are going to hit the jack pot.