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Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days Demo Coming to PSN

Looks like the summer is starting to heat up. The PSN has had some great things come its way in the last few weeks and things don’t seem to be slowing down. This coming Tuesday, July 20th the PSN is going to be invaded by everyone’s favorite dynamic dual…no not Batman and Robin and maybe not everyone’s favorite. I’m talking about the other favorite dual, Kane & Lynch.

Now I can see a nuke going off about this so brace yourselves but this is also available exclusively to PSN+ members for a week before the rest of the PSN users get their hands on it come July 27th. Another great thing about this is that this demo will also be the first to kick of the new “Automatic Download” feature that came with the PSN+ membership. So for those of you who are currently PSN+ members make sure the following option is enabled:

Any of you that still might have some concerns about this please read the below:

•You must be an active PlayStation Plus subscriber to enjoy the convenience of automatic downloads (which also delivers firmware updates and game patches).

•If you turn on the Automatic Download feature before Monday, July 19, expect to have the Kane & Lynch demo pushed to your system July 20th or 21st. during the timeframe you designate in your settings.

•If you turn on the feature between July 20 – 27, you can expect to have the demo pushed to your system within 24 hours, during the timeframe you designate in your setting.

•You’ll get the demo more quickly if your PS3 is not turned on during the timeframe you designate to check for updates, because the auto download feature of PlayStation Plus looks for content while your PS3 system is turned off.

•The demo will also be published to the PlayStation Plus section of PlayStation Store during our weekly store publish on Tuesday 7/20. Again, this will be available only for PlayStation Plus members.