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Killzone 3 controls to be improved, more accurate

There will be some changes made in Killzone 3. Not to worry, though. The developers are reassuring that they’re all for the good of the game. Among the items they had to go back to the drawing board for were input lag, acceleration, deadzone, and how these “affected the overall gameplay.”

“Our first priority when we started working on the controls for Killzone 3 was to listen closely to Killzone 2‘s players – what they liked, what they disliked, and how they felt things could be improved.”

Well, glad to know they took your inputs into a whole lot of consideration. Now we’ll see how much of those inputs were actually incorporated in the game.
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Anyway, he continues to say: “Accuracy and responsiveness consistently came up as the top issues. At the same time, a lot of players were saying they loved the weighty feel.

For the most part, the unique sense of weight in Killzone 2 comes directly from the first-person animations, not from the control scheme. The speed of movement and te way the camera bobs up and down are consistent with the view of a person carrying around heavy equipment.”

Right now, Mathijs characterizes these changes in controls as “still a work in progress, but we’re definitely getting there.”

“We’ve recalibrated the dead zone to be more responsive and significantly reduced the input lag, resulting in far better accuracy. Best of all, we’ve managed to retain that sense of weight that set Killzone 2 apart from other shooters. I can’t wait for people to try it out.”

There is one thing I must say about Guerilla Games they listen to there community, They have teams constantly on their forums listening to new ideas to implement into future games. I’m really enjoying details on killzone 3 so far.  What do you guys think about the game so far?

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