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Hupit Gaming

The game I play the most when not getting together with friends in person is MW2. I’m not a great player by any stretch of the imagination, but I enjoy getting into a game and trying for the objective. (If you’re gonna play like it’s TDM in a Domination game, you’re a twit.)

As an older gamer with reflexes that aren’t so good, I try to find other ways to improve my game. Watching the YouTube videos by gamers like WoodysGamertag, sasbenjr, TmarTn, and ONS1AUGH7 has helped considerably. Where before I never used to go positive, it’s now not an uncommon occurrence. Which is a great thing for me. This has really increased my enjoyment of the game.

But there’s another thing that has increased my enjoyment of MW2 even more. And that’s playing with a full party of like-minded individuals. When everyone on your team is going for the objective, it changes things. When everyone on your team has a headset and is communicating, it’s something awesome. When everyone on your team knows not to grab the last flag in Domination, and to stay out of their spawn, it makes your score and your team’s score go way up. I’ve called in more harrier strikes in the last week than I had in the previous two months, just because I was part of a team that was working together.

I recently invited a real-life friend to join me in one of these full-party gaming session, and he used exactly that word – “awesome”. Like me, he was used to playing by himself. Now, also like me, he wants to play with a full party.

So now you’re wondering (or not, given the title), “how do I get to be part of this?”. Easy as pie. If you’re a gamer who likes to play the game as it’s meant to be played, go to Hupit Gaming. Register, put in your information, and find some like-minded players. Don’t just wait for someone else to invite you. Invite them yourself. It’ll make all the difference. The site isn’t just for Call of Duty, though there’s a big emphasis on it. Woody made a video about the site, linked here, in case you’re wondering how to use it.

I’ve invited lots of people from Hupit to be my friends, and now we rock together on a regular basis. It’s great. My friends list is now up to about fifty or so, and there’s usually lots of people online that I can join up with. To sum up, Hupit has changed my MW2 life for the better. You might want to try it too. (If you do, please reply to this post, I’d like to know!)