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Rockstar targets Red Dead Redemption cheaters in the next title update


Rockstar is working on an update to deal with the rampant cheating in their popular western game, Red Dead Redemption. Due to arrive next month, the next title update will include measures to counter hacking and cheating. According to Rockstar:

“Those who have been detected to be cheating beyond a shadow of doubt will be promptly banned from the Red Dead online world for a period of our discretion.”

“Additionally, the title update will provide some anti-grief relief with some new features in Free Roam.  Those who are being bullied repeatedly in Free Roam will be given the option to flee by Transporting and respawning in a region of the map of their choosing.  And those who are bullying repeatedly will face a new challenge: when a player gets a 6 kill streak in Free Roam, they will become “Most Wanted.”  This alerts other players of their status as a player-killer, and also sends NPC law response after them. Expect that we’ll continue to monitor the lay of the land and fight the good fight via future title updates to make sure everyone’s multiplayer experience is as fair and as fun as can be.”

More info about the new update as well as the next DLC, Legends and Killers, is expected in the coming weeks, stay tuned.

Via [Rockstar]