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Looking on the Bright Side

When Sucker Punch first made public their plans to redesign InFAMOUS’ leading man Cole McGarath for the upcoming sequel, I personally didn’t have a problem with the change. According to Sucker Punch the decision for the change was because of their desire to make Cole a more like able character and not a “gravelly voiced un-emotional guy” as correctly described by MAINEiac4434.

Unfortunately a lot of other gamers didn’t like Cole’s new look and expressed their discontent. It’s because of this that Sucker Punch apparently is rethinking the pretty boy Cole and is considering going back to the old, gritty Cole. When I first heard this news I was kind of upset that Sucker Punch would let the a few angry bellyachers sway them but as time passed it dawned on me…. this is actually a positive turn of events.


The fact that Sucker Punch is willing to listen to their fans and capitulate is great news for gamers. How many big named gaming companies actually listen to the people that are basically keeping them in business? How long have fans’ demands for a Final Fantasy VII remake fallen on deaf ears? Granted recreating a 13 year old game is more complicated and time consuming than changing up a character model.  


Still it’s refreshing to see that gamers do have a voice in the industry and that someone is listening. As for Cole’s continuous changes,  I still prefer the new version over the bald,bland, boring Cole. I’ll be happy if Sucker Punch can come up with a combination of the two but I doubt that will satisfy everyone. Either way InFAMOUS 2 is still going to be a must have game of 2011.