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No Move support for Resident Evil 5

People are extremely angry as am I that Capcom is adding Move support to Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition and not the original Resident Evil 5. They claim that they cannot patch the original game so that it supports Move due to technical reasons. I have a hard time believing this to be true. It just doesn’t make sense how seemingly identical games could be different enough to cause that much of a problem. It just seems like Capcom isn’t trying at all and are only doing this to make a bigger profit.

It makes absolutely no sense why the RE fans that went out and bought the game when it was first released are being snubbed over people that waited over a year. It sends a message that the people that supported their game from day one are less important, and that maybe we should all wait a year to buy games just to make sure that we don’t miss out on a better version of the game that has more options and better support. If more fans did this, companies wouldn’t have made enough money on the game to make a gold edition in the first place.

I get that video games are a multibillion dollar business and that companies make games to make money but we aren’t stupid. We have a pretty good idea when these companies are just trying to milk us and this is one of those times. I mean Capcom has been doing this to fans for years. We have all seen them milk game properties like Mega Man and Street Fighter II. At what point is enough, enough

I think they are making a huge mistake and I really hope that Capcom changes their collective mind on this one. It’s a real tragedy that we all can’t enjoy this new feature over such a ridiculous issue and I refuse to buy the same game and DLC just to be able to do so. It’s insane to expect us to buy the same game twice especially those of us that bought all of the DLC as well. Capcom, you should be ashamed.

Below is a link to the article featuring a review of Move controls in Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition and the scathing  responses to the lack of support for the original version.


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