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RDR Game Night Recap: July 17th

Yes, the date is correct. We are a tad bit late when it comes to do our recaps (perhaps because we care more about gaming than writing…). Unfortunatelly I was not playing that night due to personal matters, but Sinlock was in a good mood to let me write this recap and distribute the points to the players that were having fun that night.

No more waiting. Here are the awards for the RDR Game Night, July 17th:

– Thanks for Playing Award: This is the standard one, just for joining us in the fun. Acezakj, MMBosstones86, NashtheSlash and Sinlock received 50 points each.

– It’s My First Time Award: MMBosstones86 did quite a debut and received 50 points for the baptism of fire. Hope he comes back for more slaughtering…

– The Fisherman Award: Acezakj caught a couple of fishes for dinner, with an all new method of fishing using a shotgun at the water during The River mission… The problem is that he was out of ammo at the time of the action… Minor issue, 50 points for him. Hey, at least he won’t be hungry…

– Ninja Medic Award: Oh, the pain… is over, if you are hanging around with MMBosstones86. 50 points for our Marie Curie Nurse in disguise.

– Kill Stealer Award: Let NashtheSlash finish the job for you. His motto is “Double the points, half the shooting”. 50 points for him.

– Mi Casa Es Tu Casa Award: Sinlock deserves 50 points for organizing all the stuff and keeping people together during the event. We are only missing the beer and the snacks…

So, here’s the roundup:

Sinlock: 100 points
Acezakj: 100 points
NashtheSlash: 100 points
MMBosstones86: 150 points

It’s a pity I missed the fun, but stay tuned for our usual call to arms this upcoming Wednesday. Oh, and the RDR Game Night Recap for July 24th! You don’t wanna miss this recap, for sure…