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New Avatars and Title Update For Uncharted 2

[tab:New Avatars] 

On July 27th along with the regular PSN update, Naughty Dog added 8 new Uncharted avatars to the PlayStation Network Store. These avatars feature characters from UNCHARTED: Drake’s Fortune and UNCHARTED: Eye of Indra.

UNCHARTED Avatar Pack #3 includes:

  • Nathan Drake
  • Gabriel Roman
  • Atoq Navarro
  • Rika Raja

UNCHARTED Avatar Pack #4 includes:

  • Elena Fisher
  • Eddy Raja
  • Javier
  • Daniel Pinkerton

The new PSN Avatars individually will cost you $0.49 each. The Avatar Packs, which includes 4 Avatars, costs $1.25 per pack.

[tab:Title Update 1.09]

For the multiplayer portion of Uncharted 2, Title Update 1.09 goes live today at 10am PDT. Included in the update:

  • Changes made to multiplayer character skin system to allow for voices to be included with future skins
  • Made changes to character game mechanics to prevent players from using exploits
  • Fixed ability for players to “super throw” the treasure in Plunder matches
  • Cash awarded per kill in Elimination has been increased to $750 per kill
  • Enabled the ability for Naughty Dog to easily alter the amount of cash earned for individual Medals on a playlist or gametype basis and per-kill

Also with Title Update 1.09 Medal cash awards in Objective games ONLY will be rescaled. Matches which fall under the Objective modes, cash for individual and kill-based medals have been decreased in value, while cash for Objective based medals have been increased as follows:

  • Tip Off – $1,000
  • Captured – $4,000
  • That’s Embarrassing – $10,000
  • Protectorate – $2,000
  • No Cigar – $2,000
  • Drop It – $1,000
  • None Shall Pass – $5,000
  • Expansionist – $5,000

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