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Sony to license PlayStation logo for non-gaming products


Sony Computer Entertainment has announced a new logo licensing program targeted towards other manufacturers to produce a variety of lifestyle products from apparel to everyday items. Officially called the “PlayStation Logo Licensing Program”, this new initiative will allow licensees “to design their product using the PlayStation logos and or the iconic marks. The program is applicable to a variety of lifestyle products such as apparel, accessories, house wares and more. Furthermore, SCE will provide “Official Licensed Product logo” to be used on product packages, proving that the products comply with the guideline and have been approved by SCE.”

Introduced in June 2009, Sony’s current official licensing program for PlayStation peripherals and accessories currently has more than 123 items from 45 licensees. Sony hopes that with this new inittiative, other third party companies will further help them “enrich the licensed product line-up and deliver various quality lifestyle products that will make the PlayStation brand more accessible than ever.”