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Poll: Most overlooked game in recent years

Solid Snake dominated the last poll with Nathan Drake and Kratos in 2nd and 3rd place. In total we had 89 votes. This current poll you can add your own answer again.

This poll idea was by Oly1Kenobi. Since I used his idea, he gets 200 points. As usual vote in the sidebar.

*NEW – Just a reminder, members that vote on the poll while logged in get 5 points!

If you have any ideas for polls please respond to this forum topic, so we can change it up more often. Our goal is to change it up every 2 weeks. We are running low on poll ideas so lets hear some ideas from you. Results of the last poll after the jump.

Favorite Hero / Heroine in a Video Game

Solid Snake – 30 Votes 34% of all votes
Nathan Drake – 18 Votes 21% of all votes
Kratos – God of War – 15 Votes 17% of all votes
Batman – 10 Votes 11% of all votes
Cloud Strife – FF7 – 5 Votes 6% of all votes
Wolverine – 3 Votes 3% of all votes
Doomguy Space Marine – 2 Votes 2% of all votes
007 (James Bond) – 2 Votes 2% of all votes
Sam Fisher – 2 Votes 2% of all votes
Fuminori Sakisaka – Saya’s Song – 1 Votes 1% of all votes
Mega man – 1 Votes 1% of all votes

Total Votes: 89
Started: July 18, 2010