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RDR: Game Night 7/31. The Prize Fight Final!

Big Guns, Big Heads

We are glad to announce that will be holding its 6th Red Dead Redemption game night. You can see the recap of the last game night here.

On Saturday July 31st from 8:30PM EST -11:00PM EST or later, Sinlock and Demerson will once again be co-hosting an evening of Bushwacking and Horse theft.

Last we told you something special was in the works and now all is in place for our readers and players to see what The Prize Fight is all about. This week we’ll not only continue double points but we are also going to give you stuff. Three lucky people will receive one of 3 Prizes. An Official Tee Shirt. A deck of Red Dead Redemption playing cards. Or a brand new unused bar of Red Dead Redemption SOAP! Just the thing for washing of the stink of horse. If you played last week your already eligible but for every one else You need to Play to Win!

Like last week 100 points will be awarded to all players. And those that bring extra life to the game will receive bonus points. Be it by shooting skills, dying skills, antics, teamwork, or anything we deem to be cool. Awards will be in the form of Blog Points.

This week we’ll start our pre-game at 8:30pm EST and the Official game will start around 9:00pm EST. The schedule of what we’ll be doing will be posted on Friday.

Here are some of the details.

Due to the way in how RDR handles parties, only people on a players Friends list can be invited into a Private Match. To get around this limitation people wishing to join us for Game Night should send an PSN friend request to one of the two Co-hosts.

Please mention Game Night in the topic and your user name on the Blog so we know who you are. Lots of people use a different name on PSN than on the Blog.

Sinlock’s PSN = Sinlock and Demerson’s PSN = DZounar

Mic/Headsets are not required but will help make it more enjoyable for everyone. Almost any Bluetooth headset can be used with the PS3.

The response from past weeks of Game Night has shown that the members want to make use of the Co-Op missions. Now that the Co-Op has been fixed and is stable we have added it to the normal lineup of games we’ll play. There is a limitation with Co-Op in that you group is limited to only four (4) players. So the chance of a posse being broken up is likely. We are trying to figure a work around for this that might include breaking up into multiple groups.

We always like to hear your thoughts on the Game Nights we’ve had so far. So chime in and tell us what you like as well as the things your not so fond of.

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