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RDR Game Night Recap: July 24th

Here we go with another Red Dead Redemption Game Night Recap. We had a lot of fun as always, but this one was special, because of the double points and stuff that happened during the event, and a special announcement in the end of this article.

It was 9pm Eastern when I tried to join Sinlock and NashtheSlash. This time Old Man McGuffin was reluctant to let me play, but after 15 minutes of arguing I promised him I would not hurt his daughter, and Sinlock finally caught me up in the posse. I met them at El Presidio, and was received by a cannon ball right through my feet. I was history and did not even start to shoot… After shooting some federales we decided to wander around and clean some gang hideouts.

There was a newcomer this time, nicknamed DGoransson. For those who don’t recall, he was one of the winners of the Red Dead Redemption Chronicles contest we had a couple weeks ago. It is very nice to meet folks from different countries, and we hope others join us as well. We really appreciated it.

The posse was set, and we decided to have some co-op action. Walton’s Gold was our first mission, and I will sound repetitive, but I must say that we sucked big time. We repeated it four or five times and with everybody selecting the Marksman class. Each time we fail we laugh at each other…

The funniest thing happened when we were about to start The Kidnapped Girl mission. NashtheSlash had connection issues and all of a sudden we were three. Then another dude appeared and we started the mission. Man, that kid was pretty annoying, talked twice as much as Sinlock and there was no way he would stop shouting. Remember his id, Bebo-something-i-don’t-remember. Don’t invite him to your posse! Sinlock probably was jealous of him and finished him by dumping the poor boy of our stagecoach. I never laughed so hard in years. This is what I call a game night!

Apart from the usual 100 points for playing (double the points as posted above), and the 50 points DGoransson received for his first time playing with us, here are the awards for the night:

  • Don’t Frag Me Man Award (50 points) – DZounar made an artful use of TNT… Make sure to stay behind him…
  • Trash Dumper Award (50 points) – Sinlock did quite an outstanding job getting rid of the whining kid in Fort Mercer. Let the wolves take care of him…
  • Early Riser Award (50 points) – DGoransson is a man ahead of our time. He lives in Australia, and while we were still playing in a Saturday night, he woke up early for a good Sunday morning shootout… Pretty impressive…
  • Cry Baby Award (-1000 points) – BeBo-don’t-know-the-rest deserves it and even more!

Points Roundup

  • NashtheSlash = 100
  • DZounar = 150
  • Sinlock = 150
  • DGoransson = 200

Stay tuned for our next announcement, because this time we’ll have prizes you can touch and even smell! I don’t wanna spoil everything, but there will be stuff to wear, to play and to clean (!?)… I’m already excited!