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PS3 3.41 Firmware causing Hard Drive upgrade problems?

Sony just recently released the 3.41 firmware that adds a “You may like” section on the PS Store. But it seems to be causing problems to anyone trying to upgrade their hard drives.

As a 30-page strong thread on the official PlayStation forums reveals, folks upgrading their hard drive have been getting a “no applicable data” error after trying to install the update, which has left them with a non-working PS3 and, in some cases, a corrupted original drive. According to CVG, the issue may have something to do with a newly discovered feature of the 3.41 update that allows for more incremental patches, which might also explain why the problem only seems to be affecting PS3s where the firmware is stored in on the hard drive instead of the system’s memory.
Sony has not made any official statements regarding this one. Any of yall updated without experiencing any problems like this? Im kind of hesitant to update right now since im using a USB storage method, even though I’m not upgrading my hard drive.