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The Weekly Recap (July 25th-31st)

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I’d say this week was a pretty average week. No huge announcements or anything, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t anything worth reading, either. For starters, you can check out Trev’s review of Blur. Beyond that, some of the other highlights include the Battlefield 3 beta being included with the upcoming Medal of Honor Limited Edition. ModNation Racers will be receiving a much needed patch this week. With the release of Firmware 3.41, people are reporting some hard drive installation issues.

There are a few videos to check out as well, including DC Universe Online and DiRT 3. Dead Fantasy, which is a short film of sorts, has also released parts 3-5. You may also enjoy reading Sakinah‘s take on Sucker Punch listening to fans. Be sure to check out the entire recap, though, as there is always a bit I don’t touch upon in this section.

[tab:Community News]

There’s a few new things this week. For starters, you can now get 5 points for voting in the polls! Of course, you must be registered and logged in for the points to count. While we’re on the topic of points, double points are still going on for another week, when posting in the forums. Feature-wise, the only thing I know about that might be new this week is the links to the “Filed Under” archives on the bottom of each post.

Contests were quite big this week, as Oly had a giveaway for Spartacus Blood and Sand motion comics. I’m not sure, but he may still have some left.

As mentioned int he previous recap, Oly had also won the 20,000th comment in the live chat. The Weekly Recap Anniversary Giveaway ended Saturday night, and the winners were as follows:

  • Sinlock – $50 PSN Gift Card
  • Oly1Kenobi – t-shirt
  • Adam T – Refund plus 500 points

Congratulations guys! As for upcoming contests, Oly may be giving away some t-shirts himself, as mentioned in the Live Chat (I’m telling you, if you haven’t registered, you’re missing quite a bit!).

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[tab:Gaming News]

PS3 3 Million Sales Behind Microsoft’s XBox 360
Sakinah – July 29th

Earthworm Jim HD Next Week
Jay – July 29th

Boba Fett Revealed to be in Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II
Oly1Kenobi – July 29th

Battlefield 3 Beta Coming!
Luke – July 30th

Insomniac Announcing New PS3 Game Soon
Sakinah – July 31st

Looking on the Bright Side
Sakinah – July 25th

No Move support for Resident Evil 5
UbeRamza – July 27th

Crytek open to making a PS3 exclusive
Ace – July 25th

PS3 Netflix service gets a search option
Ace – July 26th

Rumor: There’s a cheaper Move bundle coming
Ace – July 27th

Sony: PS3 and PSP firmware update coming soon
Ace – July 27th

ModNation Racers Patch Next Week: Decreased Load Times and More!!
Oly1Kenobi – July 30th

PS3 3.41 Firmware causing Hard Drive upgrade problems?
Marc Macayan – July 31st

New Avatars and Title Update For Uncharted 2
Sakinah – July 28th

Marvel’s Little Big Planet Costume Pack 3 Costumes Revealed
Oly1Kenobi – July 28th

Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions: Pre-Order
Sinlock – July 28th

Blur Review
Trev – July 27th

LittleBigPlanet 2 Game Footage
Luke – July 26th

DC Universe Online Full Trailer
Marc Macayan – July 26th

F1 20210 Tracks & Cars Video
Trev – July 27th

DiRT 3 in the Works! New Trailer!
Jay – July 31st

Toys R Us offering Buy 1, Get 1 50% off!
Ace – July 28th

Dead Fantasy 3 – 5 + HD Download Links
Tosh – July 26th

Sony to license PlayStation logo for non-gaming products
Ace – July 28th

Metal Gear Solid Meets Call of Duty in These Fan-Made Parodies
Sakinah – July 28th


DC Universe Online Beta Registration is Open!
Demerson – July 26th

Thor Video Game Teaser
Oly1Kenobi – July 28th

Free inFAMOUS 2 PS3 Theme Ends Tomorrow
Oly1Kenobi – July 30th

[tab:Play With Us]

First off, Demerson has the recap for the 17th Game Night. You can also read about the 24th’s Game Night as well.

And finally, the 31st had the Prize Fight finals, which I missed because I currently don’t have possession of the game (my brother’s friend is borrowing it and I didn’t even know it).

[tab:Poll Results]

No poll results this week, but you can currently vote on the most overlooked games in recent years. Plus, if you register and vote, you get 5 points added to your tally!
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Thank you for reading this week’s Weekly Recap. Remember, any input or ideas are welcomed! I’m always willing to try new things to get people to read this or even just participate in the Community!

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