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NBA Elite 11, New Controls, and NBA JAM

Yaw (pronounced as “yao” like Yao Ming) the NBA Community Manager from EA Canada posted some very interesting news earlier today. First of all the game is no longer going by the name of NBA LIVE. EA has decided to change the name because it’s going through a major overhaul and they don’t feel that the name is fitting. Actually this is the way that Yaw described it:

we believe that NBA ELITE will revolutionize the way you think, feel and play basketball video games — forever. The dev team is driving never seen before innovation in the form of a number of features that are radically different than what you have seen in previous NBA games.

The very first change they say that will be noticed is the revised control scheme. Starting with NBA Elite 11 you will have control over everything within the game; from offense to defense, the shooting which is based on skill and not just clicking a button and hoping that the AI will do the rest, dribbling is now a one-to-one movement action which means you can now link moves together. What does that mean you ask? Well you can user moves like euro-steps, dunk adjusts, spin-moves and so much more, this should really give the hard core NBA fans what they’ve always wanted. Check out the video below to see how the game is shaping along:

It seems like EA pulled out all the stops and wanted to up the ante on the way all of their sport games are going to be played. When I watched the video I noticed that it seems like some of the animation and physics were taken from the latest NHL games, and that’s because some of the ideas were, games like NHL, FIFA, and even Fight Night paved the way in making NBA Elite 11 the game it’s turning out to be. Even with all of these improvements EA didn’t stop there. They even included unique ball deflections, various player collisions and all the other little things that make the NBA so entertaining to watch.

I think the other cool aspect of getting NBA Elite 11 is that it’s going to come with three different modes of NBA JAM. That’s right the old classic that everyone loved to play except it’s coming with updated teams as well as HD.

The demo for NBA Elite 11 is scheduled to hit the PSN in mid to late September.